These are the really "Desperate Housewives" you’re looking for!

HYSTERICAL standing O show ensemble includes our "feisty" tell-it-like-it-is Mom Beaumont Bacon. From movie "Jerry McGuire", her own one woman show "Raging Beau"; a former director at The Groundlings, as seen on A & E's "Evening at the Improv", co-host on "The Joanie Show!" shot live at The Jon Lovitz Podcast Theatre at Universal CityWalk, a nationally headlining comic, and more! Then "hotty" Mom Donna Cherry is our celebrity in the cul de sac. Donna is a former Miss California and opening act for Barry Manilow, as seen on ABC's "Desperate Housewives", Disney's "Suite Life on Deck", Nickelodeon's "Big Time Rush", voice of "Jay Jay the Jet Plane" on PBS, starred as Kate in the recent L.A. production of "Kiss Me Kate", and much, much more! Plus there's show creator and producer the "perky", one craft away from snappin' Stepford Wife wanna-be, Joanie Fagan (www.joaniefagan.com). Joanie played Faith on ABC's "The Drew Carey Show"; can be seen in several movies including Disney's "Angels in the Outfield" and "Race to Space"; dozens of national commercials; hosted the Game Show Network's "The Real Live Game Show" and ABC's "Why Didn't I Think of That?" with Wil Shriner; appears on stage in Las Vegas and Atlantic City; was warmup comic for sitcoms like "Will & Grace", "Frasier", "Just Shoot Me"; appeared on three A & E's "Evening at the Improvs", "Girls Night Out" on Lifetime, Comedy Central, MTV's "Half Hour Comedy Hour", current host of her own talk show "The Joanie Show!" at Jon Lovitz Podcast Theatre, Universal CityWalk, current star of "Calabasas" TV series, and more!  Click here to find out about after shows Meet & Greet Momtourage: http://www.momtourage.info/

Also performing as third Mom in the cul de sac, when one or more of the current touring cast is unavailable: From "Curb Your Enthusiasm", "Mad Men", and more Cathy Ladman; "spicy" Mom Stephanie Blum from TLC's "What She Said" and Discovery Family; "sultry" Mom Wendy Hammers; "peppy" Kerri Pomarolli from "The Tonight Show"; "single" mom Laurie Kilmartin from "The Conan O'Brien Show".

Since 2003, some additional Special Guest Moms have included HSN's Helen Keaney (toured with 3 Blonde Moms show for nearly 4 years!); Internet sensation Mrs. John Hughes, the "spunky" pageant queen Leslie Norris, and from sitcoms, movies, Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime and more, "stunning" Moms Lydia Cornell, Lizette Mizelle & Destiny!

All the Moms have many theatre credits and long standup comedy resumes including numerous Comedy Central appearances, Evening at the Improvs on A & E, Girls Night Out on Lifetime, and so on. They have also toured nationally and performed in clubs, colleges & casinos, for over a decade. But the most important role they've played to date, is that of being a MOM!

This top-notch, high-energy, semi-scripted PG 13 standup comedy show is jam packed full of hysterical material about being a Mom, having a Mom, kids, schools, husbands, neighbors, in-laws and more. The audio visual aspects of live stage show, just reinforce that these are 3 very special, distinct, and unique personas with 3 diverse lives, who are unlikely friends in the Cul 'd Sac. 

If you have a family, want a family, or know a family, this is the show for you!
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